Airflow Sciences Corporation has leveraged its engineering expertise and experience to assist a broad range of clients, in solving their flow related problems.

Pollution Control Pollution Control
Capture gaseous, liquid, or solid pollutants; optimize flow.
  Power Generation Power Generation
Increase efficiency, reduce pollution, ensure compliance.
Food Processing Food Processing
Increase quality, throughput, and uniformity.
  Metal Processing Metal Processing
Optimize thermoprocessing operations in furnaces, quenching, and kilns.
Aerospace Aerospace
Reduce drag, improve manufacturing process, optimize flow.
  Automotive Automotive
Reduce drag and aerodynamic losses, optimize flow uniformity.
Railroad Railroad
Reduce aerodynamic losses, prevent tipover, analyze flow patterns of emissions.
  Sporting Goods
Sporting Goods
Increase aerodynamic efficiency.
Optimize performance of calciners, baghouses, scrubbers, cyclones, ESPs, and kilns.
Improve ventilation design and maximize pollution control.
Nuclear Power
Optimize air flow for improved cooling capability.
  Chemical Processing Chemical Processing
Reduce particulate buildup, increase product throughput, optimize processes.
Pulp and Paper
Pulp and Paper Processing
Maximize pollution control while maintaining efficient manufacturing process.
  Home Appliances
Home Appliances
Optimize air flow and temperature for improved performance.
Promote product consistency and maximize line up-time.
Understand complex fluid behavior, optimize product design and scale-up.
Building HVAC
Building HVAC
Design efficient ventilation systems.


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