ACFM - Advanced Coal Flow Measurement

The Latest Technology for Accurate and Repeatable Primary Air and Coal Flow Rate Measurements

The Advanced Coal Flow Measurement (ACFM™) system measures the flow rate of primary air and pulverized coal in pneumatic transport pipes. The system brings a state-of-the-art solution to the problem of performing reliable, efficient, and accurate, primary air and coal measurements.

ACFM Field Test

ACFM™ Measures

  • Primary Air Mass Flow Rate
  • Primary Air Velocity Profile
  • Primary Air Temperature
  • Primary Air Static & Total Pressure
  • Pulverized Coal Flow Rate
  • Primary Air/Coal Ratio
  • Atmospheric Pressure
  • Obtains Coal Fineness Sample
Advanced Coal Flow Measurment (ACFM)


  • Uses existing test ports; 1.5” NPT nipple & full port ball valve.
  • Easy to use automated system relieves operator of all peripheral/secondary tasks. Operator stays focused on moving the probe, pushing a button, and moving on to the next pipe.
  • Complete data reduction and report generation in MS Excel® at the completion of each pipe.
  • Small, mobile system fits into tight spaces, can be moved easily up and down steps and can reach the most inaccessible test ports.
  • Automatic dirty air probe purge system prevents probe pluggage and speeds test.
  • Precision pipe traversing system can be quickly set up for any pipe diameter.

For more information, please review the ACFM™ system brochure from our partner company, Airflow Sciences Equipment.

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