FINESSE (Fluid Network Simulation)

FINESSE is a state-of-the art two phase program for calculating flow rates, pressures, and temperatures for each branch of a fluid network. It is generally used to analyze and balance single or multiphase flows through piping networks and branching duct systems.

Coal Pipe Finesse Schematic
Finesse Schematic
Engine Fan

Airflow Sciences Corporation customers use FINESSE for complex fluid networks such as jet engine blade cooling passage design. These systems can have thousands of nodes and branches, and have subsonic, choked, and supersonic flow conditions. FINESSE is accurate and versatile for simple and complicated networks.

Branching Duct

ASC uses FINESSE in conjunction with coal pipe testing to balance coal pipes at power generating stations. Expensive and time consuming trial-and-error balancing is not necessary. A baseline test, the coal pipe model, and a verification test are all that are necessary to achieve balanced coal pipes. An application of this methodology and the resulting change in pipe velocities is detailed in this coal pipe balancing case study.

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