Custom Probe Fabrication

Airflow Sciences Corporation offers a wide range of velocity and temperature probes. A sampling of what we offer is detailed on this page.

S Probe

Airflow Sciences has the capability to fabricate S-probes for measuring fluid flow velocities. Fully compliant with EPA Method 2, probes can be single-piece or segmented for larger ducts.

3D velocity probe

3D Velocity Probe
Airflow Sciences has the capability to fabricate 3D velocity probes. Single-piece probes up to 16' in length, or segmented probes of nearly any length, are possible with quick turn around time.

SwivelSampler or rota probe

SwivelSampler™ Coal Sampling Probe
Airflow Sciences has the capability to fabricate SwivelSampler™ probes for measuring coal mass flows fully compliant with ISO Method 9931. When used with our ACFM™, accurate and repeatable measurements can be made of the coal flow in a pipe. The equipment is available for individual sale or an ASC test crew can perform the testing.

Online Video Inspection
Airflow Sciences can design and fabricate custom probes to inspect your equipment while online. High temperature and moisture environments can be examined without an outage. Past examples have included powerplant pollution control equipment and food processing plants.


You Name It
If you are looking for a probe that doesn't exist, to measure flow properties that have never been measured before, please call our main office. Airflow Sciences fabricates custom probes.

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