Custom Test Hardware

Not only do we perform field and laboratory testing services, but we have developed custom testing systems and probes that extract the most precise flow-related measurements available while remaining simple to operate.  Our in-house wind tunnel (which meets EPA requirements for compliance testing) is used to calibrate velocity probes.

Advanced Coal Flow Meter (ACFM)


Advanced Coal Flow Measurement System (ACFM)

The ACFM system brings a state-of-the-art solution to the difficulty of performing reliable, efficient, and accurate primary air and pulverized coal flow measurements.

  • Electronic data acquisition
  • Automated test reports
  • Computer controlled isokinetic extraction rate
  • Fast, efficient & repeatable testing with minimum test crew size



3D Duct Testing System (3DDAS)

The 3DDAS sets a new standard for volumetric flow measurement systems.  Fully compliant with EPA Methods 2, 2F, 2G & 2H, it is for use in Stack/RATA testing, fan outlet ducts, mill inlet ducts, and all general ductwork (both round and rectangular).

  • Precise and repeatable results
  • Speeds up 3D testing process
  • Clear & simple touch screen navigation
  • Automatically generates test reports in spreadsheet format

Online Video Inspections

Ever wonder what is happening inside your plant at load?  We can take a look!  We offer online inspections of your facility via a remote inspection camera.  Results include report and narrated video.

  • Up to 1400ºF
  • Probe configurable from 4 ft. to 20 ft. long
  • Up to 20 ft. viewing range
  • Only requires compressed air & 120V AC Power

Custom Probe Fabrication

We provide fabrication and calibration services for all types of pressure style probes. Each is hand crafted in our on-site laboratory/fabrication facility by our highly skilled staff. Our technicians and engineers work together closely to produce both standard configurations and custom probes for complicated or unique applications.  Available probes include:

  • 3D Velocity Probes
  • S-Type Pitot Probes
  • Dirty Air Pitot Probes
  • Secondary Air Flow Measurement Probe
  • Specialty Probes

Azore CFD Software

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