Secondary Air Flow Testing

Accurate and Repeatable Measurement of Burner Air Flow Rate and Swirl Velocity

Balancing air flow characteristics to individual burners can be a tedious task. But the rewards in combustion efficiency improvement can be tremendous. Airflow Sciences Corporation's specialized Secondary Air Flow Measurement (SAFM) System can provide you with the results you need.

SAFM Probe
  • Flexible probe system allows variation for different burner geometries.
  • Easy to use, computerized test procedure maximizes accuracy and speeds data reduction.
  • Articulated probe inserted through burner centerline access port (ignitor, oil gun, sight tube...).


  • Measured repeatability of 2.0%
  • Variable spacing of measurement points
  • Realtime Excel spreadsheet reporting
  • Fully computerized data acquisition system
  • Access through any burner centerline port

At Deseret's Bonanza Plant, burner balancing achieved significant gains:

  • Heat rate decrease of 66 Btu/kwhr
  • Unburned carbon decrease of 40%
  • NOx reduction of 8%
SAFM Field Test
SAFM Field Test
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