Legal Testimony / Expert Witness

Airflow Sciences Corporation has provided fluid dynamic and structural engineering expert testimony since 1979.

expert testimony for gas leak

Gas Leak Tracking to Confirm Safe Conditions

Legal Project Experience

  • Failure Mode Analysis
  • Liability Litigation Testimony
  • Environmental Engineering Analysis
  • Root Cause Evaluation
  • Patent Infringement Research

Engineering Responsibilities

  • Review technical data/patents pertaining to case
  • Perform flow modeling or other aerodynamic analyses
  • Discuss technical details with attorneys/key personnel
  • Review depositions and evidence documents
  • Prepare technical reports, presentations, videos, illustrations, graphics, and models to support testimony and depositions

Railroad Industry Aerodynamic Testimony

Provided expert witness testimony of locomotive exhaust plume behavior for more than ten cases. Wind tunnel testing and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) flow study analyses determined exhaust concentration at cab windows for multiple configurations and various ambient conditions of select routes. Quantified the amount of exposure representative of that experienced by a locomotive operator.