Who We Are

Airflow Sciences Corporation solves flow problems.

In 1975, our founders applied aerospace analysis techniques to solve flow problems for a variety of industrial customers. ASC continues to solve clients' engineering problems involving the flow of fluids - gases, liquids, or both - in and around a wide variety of equipment and products. Some problems simply are the result of the flow itself, including such things as reducing pressure drop, eliminating flow induced vibrations, or ensuring uniform flow through the equipment. Since fluid flow carries energy, heat transfer problems such as improving thermal mixing or optimizing heating and cooling characteristics are often solved.

ASC also undertakes problems involving the pneumatic transport of particulate or chemical species in a flowing gas or liquid. more complex problems can involve combustion, chemical reaction, evaporation, drying, or other processes.

ASC uses a variety of methods to solve our customers' problems. Field testing may be used to identify performance problems and formulate solutions, or may be used to provide input data for modeling purposes. Laboratory testing has been used to develop new processes, perform basic research, and define input parameters for modeling studies. Numerical simulation of fluid flow generally implies CFD, or Computational Fluid Dynamics, a powerful software tool that has been used to simulate complex fluid dynamic and thermodynamic processes.

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