Accurate & Repeatable Primary Air and Coal Flow Rate Testing

Airflow Sciences Corporation has performed extractive testing on hundreds of mills across the US. Utilizing the state-of-the-art Advanced Coal Flow Measurement (ACFM™) system, obtaining accurate and repeatable air and coal flow measurements is significantly simplified over manual extractive testing. Our engineers can also help design coal pipe orifices with our FINESSE two-phase network solver software, and your mill's performance can be quantified via fineness analysis.

  • The small, mobile system with remote can reach even the most inaccessible coal pipes.
  • A variety of probes allow us to test any size pipe and any number of ports.
  • All test functions are automated and computerized, minimizing operator error.
  • Automated report generation in MS Excel for instant results.

Coal Flow Loop Testing

ASC's laboratory houses the Coal Flow Loop, a high-tech research facility that is used to explore ways to optimize the combustion of pulverized coal in electric power plants.

                 coal pipe loop                           coal pipe web img

The Lab features a closed-circuit, full scale coal pipe along with a fan, coal feeder, and dust collector. Pulverized coal can be circulated through the pipe to evaluate various extractive and on-line air and coal flow measurement instrumentation.

Supporting Documents:

  • View the Project Fact Sheet distributed by the US Department of Energy outlining the scope of the project.
  • Robert Mudry, P.E. presented some of the revolutionary findings from the data obtained from the Coal Flow Loop, located on-site at ASC. "Pulverized Coal Extractive Testing Methods: Evaluation of the EPRI Coal Flow Loop" was presented at the COAL-GEN 2005 conference. Data from testing with both the ISO 9931 and ASME method were compared and contrasted, as were the effects of testing in proximity to an elbow.