Custom Engineering Solutions for Bitcoin Miners and Beyond

Proper cooling is crucial to efficiently mining bitcoin. As the temperatures increase, hashrate goes down. Eventually, as the chip temperatures get hot enough, the miners will shut themselves down completely.

At Airflow Sciences, we want everyone to make it! We’ve spent the last 45 years applying our expertise in fluid flow and heat transfer to solve problems across a wide range of industries. We’ve recently focused our cutting-edge modeling techniques and problem solving prowess to crypto mining.

Whether it’s laboratory testing to characterize the performance of the miners at different ambient temperatures and fan flow rates, performing detailed flow models of mining farms to identify and eliminate hot spots that will kill your hashrate, or working with you to optimize your immersion cooling tanks, ASC has developed the tools and knowledge to help minimize downtime and maximize profits.

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Our Engineering Services for the Crypto Currency Industry

Often our clients find it beneficial to utilize a combination of our services for their custom projects. For BTC mining this often involves CFD modeling to assist with design decisions and lab testing to give us first hand knowledge of miner performance. For example, we recently performed a lab test to determine the relationship between miner chip temperatures and the flow rate of air moving through each miner. We then input that data into a CFD model to identify locations of concern in our client's proposed mining farm.

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Learn more about CFD modeling for the crypto currency industry on our YouTube channel.


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