Flow Scope Hi-T for online inspection in high temperature ducts

Airflow Sciences Corporation (ASC) has developed an inspection camera tailored to performing duct and stack internal inspections while the systems are operational. The Flow-Scope Hi-T features an HD video camera and uses a supplemental cooling air system to allow for video inspections in duct systems operating at up to 750°F, simplifying many troubleshooting or preventative maintenance tasks.

The Flow-Scope Hi-T is robust and requires only a 2” test port to provide real-time video inspection of duct internals. The integrated lighting system allows for a viewing range of up to 20 feet from the camera. The light brightness is fully adjustable, so the user can make modifications on the fly to avoid any washed-out images.

Watch the video below to see an SCR at an operating power plant being inspected by the Flow Scope Hi-T Inspection Camera.

Inspection Examples:

  • LPA Pluggage of Screens and Catalysts
  • Hopper Sweepage
  • Ash Accumulation Issues
  • Effects of Soot-Blowing
  • Find plugged Injection Ports
  • Cleaning Effectiveness
  • Air Heater Seals
  • Sorbent Injection Lances
flow scope



Learn more:

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