Products We Provide

Airflow Sciences Corporation has developed hardware and software to assist in testing accurately and consistently.


AMCA ANSI Flow Tunnel


AMCA/ANSI Flow Tunnels
ASE designs and manufactures Air Flow Tunnels that meet the industry standard test specifications of ANSI/AMCA 210 and ASHRAE 51. These tunnels allow highly accurate flow measurement, automated data logging, and immediate reporting.
Manual and semi-automated options to suit your needs



Coal Flow Measurement
Measure the flow rate of primary air and pulverized coal.
Manual and semi-automated options to suit your needs



Duct & Stack Flow Measurement with Portable Test Equipment
For 1D, 2D, or 3D pitot, hot wire, and vane probes.



Flow RATA Testing with Multiple Automated Probe System
The ASE MAP system provides accurate, fast, efficient, and versatile flow measurements for EPA Method 2, 2F, 2G, 2H, 2J. Never get biased results again by missing out on the yaw angles. Horizontal or vertical traverses are a breeze. Minimal test crew size with immediate reporting. 



Wind Tunnels - Design and Manufacture
Airflow Sciences designs and fabricates custom wind tunnels for aerodynamic testing. Test section size can range from small (6"x6") to quite large (4'x6'). We can design the tunnel and provide drawings for you to build, or we can manufacture a turn-key system with fan control, data logging, force balance, and other instrumentation.



Specialty Probes
Fabricate custom-made 3D velocity and temperature probes.



Airflow Guardian - Flow Instrumentation For Permanent Plant Installation
The ASE Airflow Guardian provides real-time flow measurements of duct flow rates, with the choice of several flow sensors. Typical options include a pitot probe for standard air, a Dirty Air Probe (DAP) for high particulate flows, a Burner Pitot Probe (BPP) for combustion flow, or duct airfoils for large ducts and branching networks. 





Azore® CFD
A 2D/3D control volume solver with an integrated GUI pre/post-processor. Accepts traditional and arbitrary polyhedral mesh topologies and can solve both single phase and multi-phase flow problems that include both heat and mass transfer.



FINESSE: Fluid Network Simulation
Calculate flow rates, pressures, and temperatures in order to balance flows in complex piping networks and branching channels.



3D control volume meshing, solver, and integrated post-processor. Supports cartesian structural meshes, two phase flow, combustion, compressibility, transient simulations.



Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
Manage client database, including contact information and communication.