Mobile Extractive Sewer Sampler

If you're having sewer odor problems, ASC will send our MESS to clean up yours.


Sewer odor complaints are an unpleasant problem for large metropolitan areas. Sewer odor emissions are caused by the generation of positive air pressures within the sewer system and the resulting escape of odorous air through manholes and vents into the atmosphere. An increasingly popular odor control technique is to depressurize the sewer system by withdrawing air with a suitably sized and located fan. Airflow Sciences' mobile sewer odor control system allows for rapid data collection and design validation or optimization prior to committing to the expense of installing a permanent system.

With location and size optimized, the proper fan will:

  • increase negative pressure of sewer system
  • reduce odor-causing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) concentrations emitted

To avoid noise complaints in suburban or urban areas during testing, noise control barriers are placed around the fan and extraction ductwork. To eliminate odors, the air drawn from the sewer is treated with a carbon scrubber. Results from a comprehensive test for a major North American municipality are detailed in our Fall 2013 newsletter article "Fan Test" Helps Design Odor Control Facility.

The image (right) is ASC's mobile test system.

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