Liquid Flow using CFD Modeling

Our extensive experience with liquid behavior allows Airflow Sciences Corporation to accurately model liquid in many different states/environments.


Fully Liquid Flows

  • Eliminate pressure drop
  • Ensure uniformity of flow
  • Ensure proper blending/mixing when liquids are combined

Liquid Droplets in a Gas Stream

  • Trajectories of droplets
  • Evaporation rate of droplets


Liquids Flowing Underneath a Gas

  • Free surface
  • Splashing behavior



Liquid CFD Modeling Applications

  • The design of piping systems that deliver equal or other desired flow splits to mixing tanks at multiple locations.
  • The design of impellers to:
    • Limit shear forces that could kill yeast or other live cultures
    • Determine limits of operation before cavitation.
  • The design of fish-friendly water intakes.
  • EPA Cooling Water Intake Compliance - CWA 316(b)
  • The design of injection systems that:
    • Cool a gas stream uniformly
    • Avoid impingement on walls
    • Deliver droplets in a uniform flow across a plane of interest
  • The design of oil flow to avoid air bubbles

Mixing in an Impeller Tank

In this study, a Laser Doppler Velocimeter (LDV), shown below, was used to validate CFD results.