Probe Calibration In Wind Tunnels

Airflow Sciences provides complete velocity probe calibration services for all types of differential pressure style probes.

The type of probes we calibrate are:

Probe Calibration in Wind Tunnel

  • S Type Pitot
  • Dirty Air
  • Fechheimer
  • 2D Wedge
  • 3D Prism
  • 3D Spherical Head
  • Method 5
  • Method 17
  • Method 201a (PM2.5, PM10)

We also calibrate other types of velocity probes such as vane and hot wire anemometers plus temperature probes, pressure transducers, and thermocouple modules.

Our 17" x 34" wind tunnel exceeds all EPA specifications for calibrating probes per EPA Method 2. The ASC tunnel is also large enough to calibrate probes with assemblies such as sampling nozzles, PM2.5 cyclones, and PM10 cyclones. The tunnel has a velocity range up to 150 feet per second. The 36" diameter axial fan is powered with a 125 HP motor and variable frequency drive for precise velocity control. The tunnel test section diverges at 0.26 degrees to account for boundary layer growth due to wall friction. Thus, the velocity profile in the test section is extremely flat. Also, our inlet was carefully designed to ensure less than 1% turbulence.


Our calibration services include a complete probe inspection and full report. A computerized data acquisition system with NIST trace-able pressure transducers is used to ensure accurate results. Typical turn-around time is one week; overnight turn-around is also available.

ASC also fabricates 3D, S-type, dirty air, and other velocity probes. Pressure, gas sampling, temperature, and particulate extraction probes are available.

One of our specialties is the design and fabrication of custom probes for complicated or unique applications. If you have a standard test or one that's never been done before, you know who to call.

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Additional information about probe calibration in wind tunnels can be found on ASC's VBlog: