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Summer 2023

  • Using CFD Modeling to Design the HVAC System for the World’s Most Advanced Radar
  • Unveiling Our Latest in Flow Measurement Technology: Magic Box

Fall 2022

  • Flow Modeling and Testing to Reduce Droplet Fallout at a Plant Site
  • Compressor Station Venting CFD Modeling

Spring 2022

  • CFD Modeling Develops an HVAC Solution for an Abrasive Blasting Room
  • Flow Modeling for Cryptocurrency Mining

Fall 2021

  • HVAC Design for Critical Cooling Applications
  • Medical Campus Laboratory Plume Dispersion Modeling

Winter 2020

  • Accurate Air Pollution Measurements
  • Refinery Waste Heat Recovery Unit SCR Design
  • Azore Software Launches CFD Simulation Software

Fall 2020
Rail Edition

  • Rail Car Aerodynamic Studies
  • Rail Car Tip-Over Flow Study
Spring 2020
  • Wind Tunnel Calibration of Velocity
  • Mobile Sewer Odor Testing
  • HVAC Fan Flow Testing
Fall 2018
  • HRSG Ammonia Injection Optimization
  • Mobile Sewer Odor Testing
  • 3D Velocity Acquisition in a Drying Tunnel
Summer 2017
  • New Heat Transfer Test Laboratory
  • Flow Bench Capabilities
  • Azore® Software - a new division
Fall 2015
  • Flow Induced Pressure Fluctuations in Duct Systems
  • HVAC Exhaust Fan Modeling
  • Azore® Version 2.0 Released
Winter 2015
  • Predicting Temperature after Rotating Heat Exchanger
  • Hot Flow Physical Model Study of Flyash Re-entrainment
  • New Field Test Equipment
  • New Corporate Affiliation
  • Celebrating 40 Years
Fall 2013
  • Improved Methods of Detecting Inleakage
  • "Fan Test" Helps Design Odor Control Facility
  • ASC News
  • Air Force Research Project Update
Spring 2012
  • Aerodynamic Optimization of Solar Panel Racks
  • Reducing NOx at Refineries
  • CFD Modeling for Ring Gears
  • ASC Awarded SBIR Phase 2 from US Air Force
Winter 2011
  • Simple Cycle Systems and HRSGs
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
  • Test Port Assembly Patent
Winter 2010
  • V-22 Osprey Cabin Cooling System Upgrade
  • Capturing Large Particle Ash
  • New Leaders
  • ASC Continues to Grow
Spring 2009
  • ASC Helps Advance Ocean Research
  • Optimizing SCR Performance
  • ASC Papers & Presentations
  • ASC Continues to Grow
Winter 2008
  • Modeling Helps Ensure Effective ACI Mercury Capture
  • ASC Projects Featured in Forge and Power Magazines
  • New Employees Join ASC
  • Intensive Quenching Study Presented at ASM Heat Treat Shows
Spring 2007
  • Optimizing Baghouse Performance
  • Expanding our Horizons in Asia
  • New Employees Join ASC
  • Railcar Aerodynamics Focus on Safety/Fuel Efficiency
Summer 2006
  • Scale Modeling for the Power Industry
  • Article Published in Heat Treating Progress Magazine
  • Combining Flow and Structural Modeling
  • New Employees Join ASC
Fall 2005
  • Optimizing The Flow of Scrubbers
  • EPRI Coal Flow Loop Update
  • ASC Office Move
  • ASC and Alternative Energy
Winter 2005
  • Temperature Mixing Solutions
  • Mercury Removal
  • ICAC-EP7 update
  • Probe Calibration Services
Spring 2004
  • Heat Recovery Steam Generators
  • Flow Modeling of Wet Scrubbers
  • New Hirings at ASC
  • CFD Coupled with Food Thermodynamics
Fall 2003
  • CFD Modeling of a Fighter Helmet
  • CFD Evaluates Mixing Systems
  • News at ASC
  • 3D Probe Data Acquisition System
Spring 2003
  • Optimizing the Flow to an SCR
  • CFD Solves Forgings-Cooling Problems
  • ASC Lab Expansion
  • Modeling of Home Appliances
Fall 2002
  • Controlled Cooling of Forged Parts
  • EPRI Coal Flow Measurement and Control Laboratory
  • News at ASC
  • Optimizing Boiler Combustion Using Flow Models
Spring 2002
  • ASC Solutions to Food Industry Challenges
  • ASC and Engineering Licenses
  • Physical and Laboratory Modeling
Fall 2001
  • Flow Separation in Industrial Applications
  • ASC and Advanced Degrees
  • Plant Air Monitoring Done Right
Spring 2001
  • Fabrication of Specialty Test Equipment
  • News at ASC
  • ASC Patented Flow Mixing Device Tested
Winter 2000
  • Improving Accuracy of Plant Emission Monitors
  • News at ASC
  • Reducing Plant Emissions and Operating Costs
Summer 1999
  • Reducing Particle Emissions
  • News at ASC
  • Spray Dryer Performance Enhancement