Fabric Filters

Fabric filters (also known as 'baghouses') are used to remove particulate from a gas stream. In order to increase bag life, maximize capture efficiency, and minimize pressure drop, it is desirable to ensure well-behaved flow through the device.


baghouse cfd

baghouse model


Combining ICAC standards with manufacturer and final customer requirements, Airflow Sciences Corporation can improve baghouse flows by:

  • Ensuring a uniform portion of the gas and particulate go to each baghouse compartment, with all compartments in service or with one out of service.
  • Ensuring that flows entering each baghouse compartment are well-behaved and that all bags are utilized within a given compartment.
  • Preventing gas velocities that are high enough to damage a bag
  • Minimizing pressure losses throughout the baghouse

Airflow Sciences has been an invited speaker to industry conferences. Presentation materials regarding flow through fabric filters can be found in the resources section.

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