SCR Testing, Tuning, and Inspections

Poorly operating SCR systems can prove costly to utilities both in excessive ammonia consumption as well as in increased maintenance costs. Airflow Sciences provides field testing services to ensure your plant is operating efficiently. ASC is active in testing SCRs for gas turbines, coal boilers, refineries, and manufacturing plants.

Field services include:

selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System


SCR tuning ports
field test being performed at an scr


Species concentration analysis at SCR outlet ports is used to improve NOx reduction and improve NH3 consumption


scr hood inlet taken with inspection camera

An online video probe can identify causes of flyash accumulation, including an avalanche


3d test being performed at an scr

3D flow measurement data can be compared to regulatory standards or provide input for flow models


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