Flow Models for Power Generation

Airflow Science's physical modeling lab has been active since 1975, and has been bolstered by co-benefits from CFD modeling and field testing efforts.

Physical modeling options include:

asc scr physical model

  • Full scale and reduced scale
  • Ambient and elevated temperature (smaller models)
  • Air/liquid/particulate-laden flows
  • Characterize flow (velocity, pressure, temperature)
  • Examine particulate capture or deposition
  • Develop improved designs
  • Gaseous injection (e.g. ammonia)

Physical models have been conducted on the following systems:

A 1/12 scale model of a power plant baghouse for particulate capture. Flow passes through a cooling tower first, to quench the hot gases to the proper temperature. Then flow travels to the six-compartment baghouse. The modeling goals included minimizing pressure drop, uniform velocity distribution through the cooling tower and baghouse compartments, and equal flow split to the compartments. A bypass mode (the vertical duct to the far left) was also evaluated.

Learn more:

Watch Optimizing Baghouse Performance on YouTube.