ESP Face Velocity Testing

The velocity profile within an electrostatic precipitator is critical to collection efficiency. While the profile can be predicted through flow modeling, it is often more cost effective and less time intensive to determine it through field testing

ASC has considerable experience with ESP face velocity testing. By traversing a vane anemometer through select gas passages in the ESP, a full velocity profile can be established. The results of this testing can be used to determine chamber-to-chamber flow splits, as well as identifying high velocity regions that contribute to poor ash capture efficiency. The testing can be used as a stand-alone diagnostic tool or in conjunction with a flow model to identify potential improvements.

ESP testing

We understand the importance of minimizing plant down-time, so whether the testing is performed during a planned outage or as an opportunity during a forced outage, Airflow Sciences Corporation can provide the equipment and skilled manpower necessary to complete the testing in the necessary time window.

esp face velocity testing

Test Data - Inlet Plane