Flow Measurement Equipment

Airflow Sciences Corporation works with its partner company, Airflow Sciences Equipment (ASE), to supply a range of testing equipment for duct and stack volumetric flow measurements. View the full product line or request a quote on the Airflow Sciences Equipment website.


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3D Probe Data Acquisition System™
Extremely accurate, highly efficient portable data system


Custom Test Equipment
Do you have a complicated or unique flow problem?
ASE builds custom equipment and probes


Flow Measurement Probes
Fully customizable and highly accurate


Flow Scope Hi-T™ Inspection Camera
Online Inspection in High Temperature Ducts


IsoAsh – Isokinetic Flyash Sampling
A Quick and Accurate Flyash Sampling System for Ducts and Stacks


Magic Box Flow Measurement System
Fully compliant with EPA Method 2, 2F, and 2G. Supports standard or Non-Nulling 3D testing.


Flow RATA Testing with Multiple Automated Probe (MAP) System
EPA Method 2, 2G, 2H, 2J.


Non-Nulling Data Acquisition System™
Measures the flow rate of a gas in transport ducts or stacks




Online Flow Measurement
Real-time, Online Measurement of Air / Gas Flow Rate with the Airflow Guardian™