Computational Fluid Dynamics Animations

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Indoor Battery Energy Storage System

Battery Energy Storage System


Natural Gas Plant Venting Event

Compressor Station

Cooling Tower

Global SuperTanker

Electrostatic Precipitator

Natural Gas Leak


Short Lecture-Style Videos

Probe Calibration in Wind Tunnels

CFD Modeling for Cooling Towers

Drying for the Food Industry

Evaluating Flow Uniformity in CFD Modeling

CFD Modeling for Grow Room HVAC Design

Dust Mitigation for Mines via CFD Modeling

Methods of Detecting Industrial Air Inleakage

CFD Modeling for an AUV

Waste Heat Recovery Unit Optimization

Compressor Station Natural Gas Dispersion

Ensuring Uniform Gas Injection

A Brief Comparison of 2-D and 3-D Velocity Probes

Flow Testing for Automotive HVAC Design

Reducing Drag for the Rail Industry




Two-phase Flow "Roping" in a Coal Pipe

Quench Boiling Model

Baghouse Physical Model Smoke Flow

Desk Games Being Made in the ASC Lab