CFD Flow Modeling Services

Airflow Sciences Corporation (ASC) engineers specialize in the development and application of numerical simulation methods. Computational fluid dynamics, or CFD, techniques have been used by ASC since the 1980s to solve a wide variety of engineering problems involving flow, heat transfer, and chemical reaction.

Using the latest CFD flow modeling techniques, ASC has the ability to provide in-depth engineering analysis of complex fluid flows, including detailed flow characteristics like velocity, pressure, turbulence, temperature, and species concentration for internal or external flows. We also have the capability to model multiphase flow, particle tracking, evaporation, combustion, convection, conduction, and radiation heat transfer.

CFD Model of Fabric Filter Velocity Paths

CFD Software

At Airflow Sciences, we utilize a wide array of tools to solve engineering problems in the most effective and efficient way, including several powerful 3D Navier-Stokes solvers, a potential flow solver, a 1D Network solver, along with boundary layer and separation prediction techniques.

CFD Model of Velocity Profile of Connecting Rods