Airflow Sciences Corporation designs, fabricates, and tests a wide range of industrial equipment.


Automobile Engine Connecting Rod Cooling System:

Goal: Examine cooling characteristics of forgings from 500°F to ambient. Develop optimal cooling flow patterns to obtain required metallurgy.

connecting rod

Portable Research Dryer:

Portable Test Equipment Useful for Determining Food Parameters

Many food processing companies are looking for ways to improve efficiency of their operations. This can be accomplished through improved food quality or reduced processing costs. Whatever the goal, one effective option is to use numerical modeling to study the effect of system changes to the product. Such modeling requires food parameters (e.g., liquid and vapor conductivities) that may not be currently known.

ASC's portable research dryer offers a way to collect the data needed to determine these parameters. The research dryer may also be used by itself to study the effect of various drying techniques on the resulting food quality.

Portable system includes fan, heater unit and controls, flow conditioning, sensors, and ASC's data acquisition system.

Close-up view shows food tray, load cell, and temperature controller.

System Specifications:

  • 300 CFM fan
  • 4 kW heater with automatic temperature set-point control
  • Flow conditioning chamber
  • Flow volume measurement
  • Upstream air thermocouple
  • Downstream air thermocouple
  • Food surface temperature measurement via Infra-Red sensor
  • Load cell for measurement of food mass - 8 ounce maximum sample size

All test conditions are continuously measured and recorded by ASC's portable data acquisition system. Air velocities of up to 16 ft/s and temperatures of up to 320°F can be achieved with this system.