Custom Software Development

At Airflow Sciences Corporation, we use more than canned software to solve flow problems.  Our experts have written custom software and know the ins-and-outs of the numerical methods.  Codes have been written to analyze the branches of a fluid network, simulate fossil fuel combustion, predict the effects of processing changes on resultant food properties, as well as other chemical and thermodynamic processes.

Examples of custom software our employees have created:

Azore®  Our primary CFD Solver, written by ASC's Director of CFD, Dr. Jeffrey Franklin, has been in use since 2007. Azore is a 3D CFD code that supports arbitrary polyhedral meshes, two phase particulate-gas simulation, and heat transfer.

UDFs for ANSYS® Fluent®  ASC regularly develops custom sub modules and user defined functions (UDFs) to increase the capabilities of the commercial CFD code ANSYS Fluent.

BeanShell  A custom UDF for both VISCOUS and ANSYS Fluent, BeanShell is used to predict heat transfer and drying of foods, dough, and thick solutions surrounded by hot gasses. Examples include coffee bean roasting (thus the name), breakfast cereal toasting, bread baking, and nut heating.

FINESSE  A state-of-the art two phase program for calculating flow rates, pressures, and temperatures for each branch of a fluid network. It is generally used to analyze and balance single or multiphase flows through piping networks and branching duct systems. Used in the aerospace industry for gas turbine engine cooling channel design.

VISCOUS  One of our in-house 3D CFD codes that has been used since 1985 for a wide range of industrial flow problems. The code uses structured cartesian grid layout and includes meshing, solver, and post-processer. The code is fully three dimensional and can include conjugate heat transfer, particulate tracking, and species injection.

Data Acquisition  A Windows-based data acquisition software, 3DProbe™ is a custom code designed to be used in conjunction with the 3DDAS™ test system. Used primarily for duct and stack flow measurements, the program guides the user through the entire test process; from the traverse point locations to data collection to the automatic generation of test reports.

A-S-Contact  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software  Advanced contact database helps the small business manage sales leads, organize project documents, keep notes for clients and prospects, set alerts, create mailing lists, and more.

In addition to these longstanding programs, ASC has written "one-off" applications customized for a variety of different applications from quench cells to food processing.