Accurate and Repeatable Measurement of Burner Air Flow Rate and Swirl Velocity

Balancing air flow characteristics to individual burners can be a tedious task. But the rewards in combustion efficiency improvement can be tremendous. Airflow Sciences Corporation's specialized Secondary Air Flow Measurement (SAFM) System can provide you with the results you need.

  • Flexible probe system allows variation for different burner geometries
  • Easy to use, computerized test procedure maximizes accuracy and speeds data reduction
  • Articulated probe inserted through burner centerline access port (ignitor, oil gun, sight tube...)


  • Measured repeatability of 2.0%
  • Variable spacing of measurement points
  • Realtime Excel spreadsheet reporting
  • Fully computerized data acquisition system
  • Access through any burner centerline port


At Deseret's Bonanza Plant, burner balancing achieved significant gains:

  • Heat rate decrease of 66 Btu/kwhr
  • Unburned carbon decrease of 40%
  • NOx reduction of 8%

Contact us to discuss how an Airflow Sciences test program can help improve your combustion efficiency.