Fan Performance Testing Services

Is your facility installing a new fan? Or are you replacing an older one? Maybe you feel something is wrong with your current fan, but you can't quite figure out what it is. Then you need a fan performance test.

rooftop fan during fan performance test

Fan performance and fan curves explained

Fans move air or gases at a constant volume. The higher the density of this medium, the more energy is required to move this volume at a given RPM. Having an accurate understanding of the fan flow rate helps assure that the rest of your industrial process is operating at peak efficiency and is tuned properly across the operating range.

A fan performance test helps identify where your fan is operating on the fan curve. Do you remember your college fluid course? Simply put, a fan curve is a graphical representation of the operational parameters of a fan - total pressure, power, and often efficiency are plotted against flow rate. See example fan curve below.

fan curve

Fan performance testing standards

Airflow Sciences' field testing crew utilizes standardized testing methodology to ensure our clients are getting consistent and reliable results from their fan performance test. Whether you have an axial, mixed flow, or centrifugal fan, these standards detail how to perform the test, and the type of instrumentation required. The test specifications allow for standardization, accuracy, and reliability in the assessment of fan performance. Users are subsequently able to make informed decisions, optimize system designs, and ensure energy efficiency.

Testing standards for fan performance testing include:

  • ASME PTC11
  • AMCA 203
  • AMCA 803

On-Site Fan Performance Testing with ASC's Testing Crew

Field measurements include pressure, temperature, velocity, gas species including humidity, fan power, fan energy, and fan speed (RPM).

Airflow Sciences test crew conducting fan performance test

ASC uses instruments with NIST-traceable calibrations and our velocity probes (S-type or 3-D) are calibrated in our EPA-compliant wind tunnel. The 3DDAS or Magic Box  make measuring the flow parameters painless.

3D Data Acquisition System for fan performance test
probes for fan performance testing

Magic Box flow measurement device for fan performance testing


Learn more about fan performance testing on our YouTube channel.


From 5 HP to 5,000 HP, forced draft (FD) or induced draft (ID), ASC's test crew can obtain the data you need to meet flow guarantees or help figure out what's wrong with your fan.