Customer Relationship Management Software

Small businesses need every advantage they can get to compete. We all know that customer relations are critical to every business, but a small business in particular can't afford entire departments devoted to the organization of client data.

When you need to keep track of sales prospects, current and past clients, vendors, projects, documents, etc. in an organized manner, look no further than Airflow Sciences Corporation's new software package. Economical, efficient, and highly-flexible, the A-S-CONTACT software package has everything you need:

  • Complete database of clients, prospects, vendors, etc.
  • Communication log ("notes") for each contact
  • Alerts / reminders
  • Corporate document storage and organization
  • New document creation using company templates
  • Desktop and web-based versions

Customer Relationship Management Software - for the small business, by the small business


Contact databasepost it

  • Clients, prospects, vendors, competitors, etc.
  • Standard and custom data fields
  • Searchable by any field or combination of fields
  • Export .csv

Communication log ("notes")

  • Logged separately for each contact
  • Manual entry (telephone conversations, meeting notes)
  • Automatic entry (email text)

Alerts / Reminders

  • Message appears on screen at specified time/date

Document storage and organization

  • Complete history of documents available for viewing
  • Reports, proposals, invoices, letters, contracts, etc.
  • Searchable, sortable

New document creation using company templates

  • Opens template filling in selected contact(s) data
  • Launches software (word processor, spreadsheet, etc.)

Both desktop and web-browser versions available

  • Access all data securely from anywhere in the world

Additional custom features available to fit your needs