Earn Professional Development Hours at Airflow Sciences

Professional development hours (PDHs) can be earned at our live seminars, which can be conducted at your facility, at an upcoming conference, or at our offices in Livonia, MI or Carmel, CA.

PD Certificate

We can provide expert presentations on the following topics:

Flow Modeling

  • Pros and cons of CFD and physical flow modeling
  • An introduction to fluid mechanics and flow modeling
  • Liquid quench tank modeling approaches
  • An introduction to modeling heat transfer

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Modeling and Simulation

  • An introduction to CFD
  • An introduction to control volume numerical techniques
  • Improving solution fidelity with good meshing practices
  • An introduction to evaluating CFD simulation results

Field Testing

  • Methods (EPA, ISO) and compliance
  • Selecting appropriate hardware



  • For pollution control
  • For food processing
  • For heavy industries (refinery, cement)
  • For HVAC design


Do you have a different topic in mind or has a recent presentation piqued your interest? Please contact us for more information about scheduling time with ASC's subject matter experts, including:

  • President Robert G. Mudry, P.E.
  • Vice President Andrew L. Banka, P.E.
  • Engineering Director Kevin W. Linfield, Ph.D., P. Eng., P.E.
  • Director of CFD Jeffrey D. Franklin, Ph.D., P.E.

We are confident that each presentation will improve your technical knowledge of the relevant heat transfer or fluid dynamic topic. A Certificate of Attendance will be provided upon request, and access to a course instructor is always provided. Note that each licensed Professional Engineer must review the rules as written by their licensing board to make the determination if an activity satisfies the intent of the continuing education rule.

Airflow Sciences engineers hold Professional Engineer (P.E. or P. Eng.) licenses in the following states / provinces: