Accurate and Repeatable Primary Air and Coal Flow Rate Measurements at an Affordable Price

The latest version of the ACFM combines the state-of-the-art accuracy and ease of use that the original ACFM brought to the market with a simplified interface and smaller package. The new PLC interface provides unparalleled reliability, even in harsh testing conditions and the integrated weigh scale reduces the need for peripheral equipment, resulting in an even more compact and portable test setup.

Benefits of the ACFM V3acfm v3

  • Greatly improved accuracy and repeatability of PF sampling.
  • Reduced operator influence and lower personnel costs.
  • Complete more testing, faster.
  • Safer testing with the use of seal air fittings and dustless connectors.
  • Versatile PF sampler options, including ISO/SwivelSampler™/Rotorprobe™, ASME, ASE Motorized SwivelSampler™, and DAP.
  • Automatic report generation immediately after a test.
  • Touch screen PLC and hand held remote controller to simplify the operator interface.
  • Integrated weigh scale.
  • Suitcase-sized control box for easy transport.
  • Optional automated vacuum control.
  • Optional motorized SwivelSampler™.

To learn more, review the ACFM V3 System brochure or reach out to our partner company, Airflow Sciences Equipment.