Flow Testing for HVAC Design

By Kelly Hile

Streamlining the Design Process with the Right Test Equipment

Designing and testing are inseparable, and the best designs prove themselves when they are put to the test. But evaluating a newly designed product can be frustrating when designing the test becomes just as complex as designing the product itself. This is especially true of flow measurement equipment.

At Airflow Sciences, we focus on testing equipment design so that you can keep your focus on product design. Our test systems are made with design engineers in mind. We know the data you need to make design choices, and our test equipment is formatted to collect this data accurately and automatically to give you immediate reports on the component(s) being tested. We are also experts at industry-specific standards in flow testing, such as AMCA/ANSI 216, ASHRAE 51, and HVI 916. We design our test equipment so that meeting test standards is simple. The test procedures apply to a wide range of industries, including residential, commercial, and automotive HVAC products (fans, ducts, ERVs, filters, blowers, A/C coils, register grilles, etc.).

car air vent

One industry sector we serve with testing equipment is the automotive industry, specifically for the testing of vehicle HVAC systems. The design of a vehicle’s onboard climate control system is growing increasingly complex, with demand for both automatic and zoned controls at the fingertips of passengers. The components themselves are increasing in complexity too, with added valves, blowers, and ductwork in each zone of the vehicle cabin. All of these components require testing, to ensure that the system will work in the vehicle to maintain comfortable cabin conditions.

The ASC Air Flow Tunnel is perfect for testing these climate control systems. The tunnel can measure pressure drop and flow rate for vents, fans, ductwork, valves, and dampers. It can also analyze flow conditions of an entire climate control system, including other parameters such as fan RPM and electrical load.

amca flow tunnel

Testing a Vehicle Climate Control System


pressure drop test

Testing Pressure Drop in an A/C vent


The ASC Air Flow Tunnel has several standard models that range in size from 2 CFM to 1500 CFM, but larger sizes of 5,000-60,000 CFM or more can be built if your product requires a large flow capacity. Also, any tunnel can be customized to fit your unique testing needs. You name it, we’ll build it! With the right equipment, you can spend less time and money on testing, and more time focusing on the design process.

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