Serving the Legal Industry as Expert Witnesses

By Kelly Hile

Engineers are often sought out as expert witnesses in legal disputes, particularly when a case involves technical details. Testimony from an expert witness can have a tremendous influence on the final outcome of a case. The right professional can assist the legal team by presenting their specialized analysis in depositions or during trial.

Even so, our engineers do a lot more than testify. They act as experts-at-hand for the whole legal team, reviewing discovery documents of a technical nature, assessing validity of the client or opponent claims, and educating the legal team on the technical components of the case. We review engineering drawings and patents, perform calculations, create numerical models, and analyze data. We even conduct onsite inspections and tests. When a product or piece of equipment fails, engineers can assess and determine the root cause of failure (failure-mode analysis). Sometimes disputes arise over intellectual property or patent infringement, and specialized technical information must be analyzed and considered.

Airflow Sciences Corporation has been serving the legal industry for over 40 years with reliable, skillful engineering. Our expert witnesses are licensed, professional engineers with advanced degrees, who have decades of technical knowledge in the areas of fluid flow and heat and mass transfer. Not only are they remarkable engineers, but they are also clear communicators, easily relaying technical information in simple, direct ways. Our work for legal clients also includes the development of written reports, graphics, and videos that enhance the legal evidence and highlight the key technical factors.

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